Villainous attorney Gloria Ironbachs

Gloria Ironbachs (Candice Bergen) is the villainess from Family Guy episode 2.08, "I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar" (airdate March 28, 2000). She is an attorney who represented Sarah Bennett, Peter Griffin's co-worker at Happy-Go-Lucky Toys, after Peter makes a sexist joke towards her.

Gloria announced that Sarah is suing the company for sexual harassment, but to prevent the lawsuit, she (as well as Mr. Weed) orders Peter to attend a sensitivity training class. However, due to Peter's bad performance, Gloria sends him to a women's retreat, which results in Peter returning home as a more sensitive and compassionate person.

Later in the episode, Peter takes Lois (who begins to miss Peter's old ways) to a Women's Action Coalition charity dinner, where he introduces Lois to Gloria. Gloria quickly criticizes Lois for being a wife and mother over having a career, with Lois defending her choice. After Lois walks away, Gloria blames her for Peter's lack of respect for women, and even accused her of screwing up their kids. Her arrogant words led to Lois punching Gloria in the face, resulting in a catfight between the two women. The sight of Lois brawling with Gloria aroused Peter, who took his wife home for a night of lovemaking.


  • Gloria Ironbachs was Family Guy's first villainess.
  • Candice Bergen also played main villainess Kathy Morningstar in the film, Miss Congeniality.




Lois Griffin vs Gloria Ironbachs. Gloria Ironbachs

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