Greedy (later redeemed) villainess Floria Stenzel

Floria Stenzel (Svetlana Efremova) is a villainess from "Old Money," episode 6.11 of The Closer (airdate December 6, 2010). She is a bookkeeper for Rick Zuman, who was in death row for the murder of an FBI informant.

As the episode revealed, Zuman had stolen $400,000 in FBI money several years prior and killed an FBI informant, and it was also revealed that his legit business was a front for drug dealing. Zuman claimed to have an alibi, but Floria informed Lt. Andy Flynn (who was on the case that the time) that Zuman didn't have an alibi while the crimes were committed, resulting in Zuman being arrested and convicted.

However, Floria later turned heel by accepting a bribe from Jeff Darby (Zuman's cellmate and lover) to change her story. After Flynn was attacked by a man named Bob Harris, who Flynn later shot to death, Zuman revealed that Floria "found God," and recanted her "false statements," leading to the reveal that she was bribed. Brenda Leigh Johnson's investigation into Floria's finances revealed that she was unemployed and broke, yet had since spent massive amounts of money. In order to get to Floria and prevent Zuman from being released on appeal, Commander Russell Taylor and Sgt. David Gabriel visted Floria's house and warned him about a Latino man in a hoodie who had been killing anyone connected to Zuman.

Shortly afterwards, Floria phoned 911 after seeing a man who fit the description, leading to Floria being taken to Major Crimes for protection. Afterwards, Brenda began her interrogation by showing her the money that was found in Floria's dresser, and at that moment, a regretful Floria stated to Brenda that she could keep the money and that she wanted to go back to her original statement, adding that her greedy actions were a mistake. With Floria's help, Brenda and the rest of Major Crimes successfully captured Jeff and arrested him for attempting to have Flynn killed; however, Floria's fate wasn't revealed.


  • Svetlana Efremova later played evil war criminal Monika Harper on Motive.
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