Evan's evil and nameless mother

Evan's unnamed mother (Jennifer Roopenian) is a villainess from the 2018 horror-comedy, Mom and Dad.


Evan's mother was among the vast amount of parents shown attempting to get inside a school attended by her preteen son, Evan, as well as one of the main protagonists, Carly Ryan. The parents were driven wild due to static transmitting through TV screens and radios, and during the chaos, Evan's mother was shown pleading and coaxing with her son to come to her. She appeared to be concerned for Evan while calling for him, and at that moment, Evan ran towards the gate and climbed over it to get to his mother, despite one of the teachers attempting to stop him.

Heel Turn

Evan's mother turning heel and killing her son

However, Evan's mother turned heel and stabbed her son to death with her set of keys, committing the murder shortly after Evan successfully climbed over the fence. The act revealed that Evan's mother had become a murderous villainess due to the static, and in addition, the evil mother feigned concern as part of her plan to unleash her heel persona and kill her son. Carly and her friend, Riley, expressed shock after witnessing the villainess committing the murder, and shortly afterwards, the other parents broke through and attacked their kids in an attempt to kill them, though the fate of Evan's mother was left unknown.


  • According to her IMDB page, this was Jennifer Roopenian's only acting role to date.


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