Callous villainess Eunice

Eunice (Bronwen Smith) was a minor villainess from the 2018 Lifetime film, Killer Twin (alternately titled, A Sister's Obsession; airdate August 4, 2018). She ran Bridges, an orphanage in Seattle, for 45 years, with two of her charges being twin sisters Kendra and Amber Sheridan.

As revealed in the film's opening scenes, Eunice was emotionally abusive towards both siblings, even though she viewed Kendra as her favorite of the two. Eunice was encountered by Janet and Roger Collins, a couple who were looking to adopt, and she quickly gave Kendra to them, illegally separating her from Amber. In another act of cruelty, the evil Eunice took Amber's stuffed bear and gave it to Kendra.

After 30 years, Amber returned to the orphanage and visited Eunice, who claimed not to remember her. Once she reminded the villainess about her and Kendra, Eunice continued her displaying her callous personality, stating to Amber that if she was in her care, she had a roof over her head. She refused to give Amber information regarding Kendra, prompting Amber to attempt to get the file herself, Eunice's attempt to stop Amber resulted in her being shoved away, with her head being struck in the process. Shortly afterwards, Amber smothered Eunice to death with a pillow.

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