Elizabeth Morgan

Villainous conspirator Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth "Liz" Morgan (Amy Price-Francis) is a hidden villainess from the novel, Fifty Shades Freed, as well as the 2018 film of the same title. She was introduced in 2015's Fifty Shades Darker (the second novel and film of the trilogy) as the head of personnel at Seattle International Publishing, and the co-worker for Anastasia Steele (later Anastasia Grey; the main female protagonist).

At some point in time, Liz engaged in a sexual encounter with Jack Hyde, Ana's boss and the trilogy's main antagonist. Jack recorded the tryst and used it to blackmail Liz into becoming a villainous conspirator in his mission to target both Ana and Christian Grey. She tracked Ana and Christian as they were driving away from their new summer home, and later in the film, she helped Jack kidnap Christian's younger sister, Mia, with Jack using Mia's phone to call Ana and demand a $5 million ransom. 

It was after Ana took out the ransom money that Liz was revealed as a conspirator, as she spotted Liz near the vehicle that Ana was supposed to enter. Liz's heel turn was a shock to Ana, and when Ana asked Liz why she was helping Jack, the villainess didn't answer, only telling Ana to shut up. Ana paid off Jack, who later attacked Ana in a psychotic rage, with Liz pleading with him to stop. Ana takes out a gun (which originally belonged to Leila Williams) and shot Jack in the leg, and after this, Christian and his security team subdued Jack and Liz. Both were arrested, with Liz turning Jack in, while Christian revealing to Ana that Liz was blackmailed by Jack.


  • Amy Price-Francis also played evil murderess Pamela Franklin on Medium, as well as redeemed villainess Ann Leland on Sue Thomas:  F.B.Eye..
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