Edie Jameson

Evil witch Edie Jameson

Edie Jameson (Veronica Lauren) is the main villainess from "Curse," the final segment from episode 3.08 of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (airdate July 14, 2000). She is an evil teenage witch who is sent to a therapist by her parents. During her session with Dr. Marian John, Edie insists that she is a powerful witch, and has no desire to become a "sweet, little, innocent girl." She also threatens Dr. John and places a curse on her, while flashing an evil smile.

On their next session, Edie is pleased to see that her curse is working, as Dr. John is shown looking slightly disheveled. According to Dr. John, since the curse, her fiancee left her, her house caught on fire, her office was robbed, and (as vowed in the curse) Edie's face appeared in her nightmares. Dr. John demanded that Edie remove the curse, but even after giving in to Edie's demands and admitting that she's a witch, Edie refused, stating that she's having too much fun. Edie later states that she plans to join a coven.

Later in the segment, Edie participates in a ritual to become part of the coven, but when she faces the coven's high priestess, she is shocked to learn that it is none other than her therapist, Dr. John. Edie also learns that Dr. John and her coven are actually good witches, and that she was tricked into denouncing her evil ways and using her powers for good.


  • In the end of the episode, the story was revealed to be true; based on an occurrence in New England during the 1970s.
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