Crystal's Mother

Crystal's villainous mother

Crystal's Mom (Kate Hennig) is a villainess from Cry of the Cat, the first book of the Goosebumps Series 2000 series, as well as the two part TV episode under the same title (airdate October 31, 1998).

Crystal's mother is an evil scientist who used cats as part of her experiment:  an attempted cure for a deadly virus. Regarding her reason for using cats, she stated that cats had a better immune system, but her experiment still failed and all of the cats were killed except for Rip, who became a monster feeding on human life force.

Crystal's mother was a repeated victim of Rip's attacks, constantly scratching her to slowly take away her life force and turning her into a half-human, half-feline villainess. She willingly did this to prevent Rip from going after Crystal, and in her appearance in Part 2 of the episode, the villainess planned to sacrifice Alison (the main protagonist) to Rip. After Alison and Ryan destroyed Rip for good, Crystal's mother regained her full humanity, and was grateful to the protagonists for saving her and Crystal.

Physical Appearance

  • Crystal's mom, in her evil deformed guise, had a partial cat-like face, and her right hand was clawed, while she had a normal left hand.


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