Cleo Witcher

The villainous Cleo Witcher

Cleo Witcher (Melissa Hood) is a villainess from "Honor Among Thieves," the seventh episode of Minority Report (airdate November 2, 2015). She was the lone female among a group of conspirators working for the notorious Luca Van Zant.

Cleo was first encountered by Dash, who went to the home of Omri Nellis regarding his mugging and eventual murder. She posed as Nellis' wife, but her ruse was revealed when she tagged Dash with a knock-out device. The villainess and her cohort, Aziz, took Dash and held him captive for Luca, who was seeking out Dash's brother, Arthur. While in captive, however, Cleo formed a bond with Dash when she noticed his drawings, even going as far as talking about her deceased husband.

In the episode's climax, Cleo sees a drawing of Aziz killing her husband, and after learning the truth, she confronted her cohort, who claimed that his love for her was the reason for his actions. The confrontation ended with Cleo killing Aziz in an act of revenge, and her action allowed Arthur to locate Dash through a vision. Vega arrived with SWAT to save Dash, who credited Cleo for saving him, and Cleo was later arrested (off-screen).


  • Cleo Witcher served as ​Minority Report's final villainess.
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