The villainous and unnamed Auntie

The unnamed Auntie (Gail Bonney; 1901-1984) is a villainess from Flying Saucer Daffy, a Three Stooges short released on October 9, 1958.

In what is a sendoff of Cinderella, the unnamed woman is Moe and Larry's mother and Joe's aunt, and throughout the short, Joe suffers abuse from his aunt and his cousins. Joe planned to go on a camping trip and take a photo to submit to a magazine for a cash prize, but ends up taking Moe and Larry after being forced by his aunt. On the trip, Joe photographs a squirrel, with the picture also showing a paper plate floating in the wind. It is mistaken for a flying saucer by Moe and Larry, and they take credit for the photo and collect the cash prize: $10,000.

As a result of the ruse, Joe ended up as an indentured servant to his abusive aunt and cousins, with Moe threatening to harm Joe if he ever revealed that he, not Moe or Larry, took the photo. However, when Mr. Barton--the president of Facts and Figures magazine--appeared at the home and exposed the photo as a phony, Moe and Larry called Joe over to get him to reveal himself as the true photographer. Despite the fact that he was, Joe went along with Moe's threat and stated that Moe and Larry took the photo, resulting in the two of them being taken away. Joe's aunt thrashed her already abused nephew and accused him of double crossing his cousins, after which she threw Joe out of the house and told him to never return.

Joe ended up seeing an actual space ship and took a photo, planning to use it to return to his family's good graces. However, Joe's efforts were only met with skepticism and more abuse from Moe and Larry, and having enough, Joe stood up to his cousins and knocked them out with a bottle. In the process, the evil Auntie ended up knocked out as well during her attempt to assault Joe. The short ended with Joe getting fame and fortune with his photo, and Moe and Larry in a nuthouse, though Auntie's fate wasn't fully revealed.


  • Flying Saucer Daffy was the final Stooge short filmed, but was the 187th of 190 released. In any event, Auntie was the final villainess to appear in a Stooge short, as none of the three that followed featured a female antagonist.
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