The villainous 406.

406 (Amber Heard) was a villainess from the 2009 horror-comedy, Zombieland. She is the next door neighbor of main protagonist, Columbus.

The "406" name comes from the room number she lived in, as none of the main characters' real names are revealed. She appeared in a flashback where she was at Columbus' door in a panic, later stating that a homeless man attempted to attack her. Columbus took in 406, who he had a crush on; after which she slept over. However, it was revealed that the attack had caused 406 to become a zombie, much to Columbus' surprise, and following this, the blonde villainess pursued Columbus with intent on killing him.

The chase took place all over Columbus' home, which included Columbus subduing the evil zombie with bug spray and striking her head with the lid of his toilet. She was locked in the bathroom by Columbus, but the villainess unlocked the door and continued her pursuit towards Columbus, who later struck 406's head with the lid a second time, this time killing her.


  • Amber Heard later appeared as the evil Blanca Vasquez in Machete Kills and as psychotic murderer Mandy Lane in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.


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