Connie is a former villainess from "Illusion", a Season 1 episode of the tv series "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues". She was portrayed by Julia Nickson.


Connie was the second-in-command for Chang Lu Ma, a reputed drug kingpin. She was in charge of coordinating his business affairs & it was inferred that their relationship had a more personal level as well. One night, while they are inconspicuously dining at a drag restaurant (while Kwai Caine, his son Peter, & the FBI are surveilling), Chang gives a big PDA to his new interest, which supposedly raises Connie's jealousy. When Caine is invited to Chang's table under the guise of a waiter, he is exposed as a Shaolin priest. Connie inquires if he still practices to no answer, at least in Chang's presence.

It isn't until Caine accompanies Chang's group(under watch by Connie) to his meet-up w/his buyer when she is able to speak to Caine. When he tells her he is a priest, she begs for his help. When Caine reveals that he knows that Chang is a drug dealer, a shocked Connie begins to detail her history w/Chang. She reveals that she was sold to Chang by her father when she was younger & for her survival, she learned the ins & outs & got her hands into everything, essentially becoming his biggest asset. Chang finding another girl shocked her because it was another signal of her expendability. As the one person who knew how Chang's new deal(which would make him untouchable) worked, she was pretty much a loose end. Caine agreed to help her, & the group went to the location of the product to finish the deal.

A fearful Connie & Caine accompanied Chang & his buyer inside. Once inside they confronted Chang in protest against the deal. Chang denied any plans of killing Connie; however, when Caine knocks out the buyer, he turns on Connie, restraining her while threatening her w/a handful of heroin. Caine then attacks and they begin combat while Connie watches. After Caine defeats Chang by knocking him face-first into the heroin, Connie tearfully embraced Caine.


  • Julia Nickson also portrayed Lilly Chin in an episode of the tv series The Marshal.


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