Amber Wellington

Amber Wellington is a villainess from the 2001 comedy film "Down To Earth". She was portrayed by Jennifer Coolidge.


The premise of the film, the latest adaptation of Henry Segall's play Heaven Can Wait, was Lance Barton's takeover of another body/life after being called to die before his time. Lance, a struggling comic, chooses the body of Charles Wellington III, a wealthy businessman, as a way to Sontee, his love interest before dying.

Lance is able to takeover Wellington's body as the body wasn't yet discovered after Wellington was poisoned & left to drown by his assistant, Winston Sklar, in a plot co-conspired by Wellington's wife/Sklar's lover, Amber. So when Wellington(now ran by Lance) emerges, both are left stunned.

Later, when Wellington confronts the two about their murder attempt(catching them in the middle of a quickie nontheless), he tells them his intentions to let bygones be bygones, as he intends to pursue Sontee. Amber is stunned, to which Wellington instructs Sklar to keep her busy & out of his affairs.

Left rattled at the events, Amber breaks off the affair w/Sklar, telling him of her intentions to win her husband back. Her first attempt is to coordinate a threesome w/Blanche, an older woman that the real Wellington apparently had interest in. As Lance didn't share the same interest, he walks away disgustedly. Her last attempt is a hip-hop makeover, inspired by Wellington's urban changes. He responds by requesting a divorce in which she can have whatever she wanted. This is the last we see of Amber.

As Wellington is killed by a sniper(hired by Sklar) shortly after, the news reports denote her as still his widow.


  • As an updated adaptation, the Amber Wellington is a variation of the Julia Farnsworth character from the 2 previous adaptations: 1941's Here Comes Mr. Jordan & 1978's Heaven Can Wait.
  • Jennifer Coolidge also appeared as villainess Fiona Montgomery in the 2004 film A Cinderella Story.


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