Alise Payton

Alise Payton is a minor villainess from "Coming To Chicago", a Season 1 episode of the sitcom "The Steve Harvey Show". She was portrayed by Dawnn Lewis.


Pre-episode, Alise was a former flame of Steve's around the time of his music career, according to statements by Steve. They were together until Alise met and married a wealthy Middle Eastern man, whom she apparently divorced and received hefty benefits in the settlement.


Alise appears as Steve is raving about Regina (his series-long interest) accepting his invite to a Brian McKnight concert. As his friend/roommate Cedric is trying to inform him, Steve coincidently states how he hasn't been excited about a woman since.....Alise. One turn of the head, and Alise is shown. Alise embraces him despite his reservations about how they left things(and Cedric's comedic unwillingness to look past it). She says that no other man had make her feel like Steve, and as a token, gifts him a Rolex watch. After her sweet talk, she invites Steve for some "catching up" in the bedroom, to which he hurridly accepts.

The next day, Alise shows up to the school where Steve works and happens to bump into Regina. In asking for Steve, she happens to lightly give away that her & Steve interacted last night. Steve comes out of his classroom in shock at the sight of them both. As Alise coddles him, she shows disrespect to Regina by throwing her purse & fur coat into Regina's hands & miscalling her Katrina as she goes back to work. He goes to her office to try and smooth things over, and Regina tells him there's no hard feelings--by giving him back his tickets chopped in a million pieces.

Later on, Steve ponders what to do prior to Alise coming over as Cedric advises him to do the right thing. Alise arrives and attempts to seduce Steve but Cedric disrupts things efore Steve throws him out for the night. Alise responds w/a series of remarks such as how they'll have to buy Steve "a classier set of friends, how Cedric would be welcome "at their new place", and how she'd build Steve his own studio so he can quit his teaching job & "do his little music thing". Steve rebuffs all of these remarks, stating how he likes his life & job. When Alise asks him, "What about 'Rowena'?", Steve finally corrects her on Regina's name & says he likes her too. Alise, visibly angry, is handed her coat by Steve in a 'hit the road' way & demands her Rolex back before leaving. Steve obliges and she storms out. The scene comically ends w/Steve looking disappointed, then frustratedly stating, "Boy, I wanted that watch."

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