Anita Varnum is a cute brunette who seemed to model her criminal career after 'Bonnie' from Bonnie and Clyde. She participates in robberies with her sleek car, tight sweaters and skirts, and slick male companion. She was portrayed in the 1957 episode of Highway Patrol 'Hypo Bandit' by starlet Elinor Dale. 

Anita and her lover, Joe, carry out a cross-state series of daring robberies with a cunning innovation. After Anita cases the target, Joe robs the place and injects the victim with a powerful tranquilizer, which puts the victim to sleep long enough for the couple to make a clean getaway.

Matters heat up when Joe causes one victim to die of an overdose, setting Inspector Matthews on their trail. They decide to flee across the state line and continue their capers elsewhere. The police set up a roadblock, which Anita evades by a ruse. But Matthews isn't fooled, and cuts the couple off before the reach the border. Cornered, Joe double-crosses Anita and uses her for a human shield. She turns the tables on him, though, breaking free and giving Matthews the chance to riddle him with bullets. 

Inspector Matthews doesn't seem to appreciate the favor much: he handcuffs the little villainess behind her back and marches her off to her punishment.


Anita Varnum


Pulling off a caper...


Outwitting the police?

Highway Patrol 72 in Hypo Bandit

Highway Patrol 72 in Hypo Bandit

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