Dark Vega is a supervillainess in the series "Heroine Legends" from the Superheroines franchise, she has been portrayed by numerous actresses (Heather Sims, Gloria Baraquio and Hailey Stillwell), an attractive yet vicious synthetic clone of the hero Vega who displays sadistic tendencies. She has clashed with mutiple heroines, including Allura, Vega, Nightshadow, Lady Wonder and Trinity. Most notably, she is the archenemy of Allura and Vega. She is one of the most dangerous and prominent villains in the series.

Dark Vega is highly prideful, mockingly clapping when she saw Trinity bending a crowbar, before claiming that there's always someone stronger, with the exception being Dark Vega herself. Dark Vega was challenged by Trinity, who at the time was a rookie, in a contest of strength. Despite Trinity's potential as a heroine, she was effortlessly overwhelmed by Dark Vega, who broke the young heroine's arm, fingers, spine and ribs before freezing and breaking her neck. She displayed sadistic pleasure in hurting Trinity, going as far as to playfully mock Trinity with the nursery rhyme "Little Finger" as she breaks her fingers.

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Dark Vega has also fought Nightshadow, a powerful heroine with the ability to teleport. Similar to Trinity, Nightshadow was clearly outmatched by Dark Vega's strength. However, before Dark Vega could kill the heroine by flying around the world and crashing into her, Nightshadow managed to catch the villainess off guard and penetrate her abdomen with her fists, seemingly killing her in the process.

Dark Vega has shown herself to be superior to Vega, the superheroine from whom Dark Vega was cloned from, in both strength and fighting capability. She managed to best Vega in all 3 of their confrontations. Despite her hatred for Vega, she developed a kindred spirit with Vega and eventually sacrificed herself for her after a change of heart.

Dark Vega has a notable rivalry with Allura, who seemed to share Dark Vega's disdain for her. In one encounter, Allura managed to land a low blow on Dark Vega, who writhed in agony because of it. Moxley was able to restrain Allura and Dark Vega immediately took revenge by coating her fists with her freezing powers, returning the favor to Allura while proclaiming that "Mine will always be lower." Since then the two has been at each others throats.

As a villainess, Dark Vega has a complicated relationship with other antagonists of the series. Despite Dark Vega's pride and power, she has shown herself to be submissive to opponents who are overwhelmingly powerful compared to her. The villainess Omega was able to control and even humiliated her, to the point where Lady Wonder, a heroine who aims to take down Dark Vega wanted Omega to cease her torment on Dark Vega.


Dark Vega is a mentally unstable sadist who takes pleasure in the suffering of others, going as far as to caress her victims sexually in their defeat. She also finds humor in the torture of others, jokingly playing "Little Finger" with Trinity as she breaks all of her fingers, electrocuting Allura and Orchid while moaning sexually, and allowing a weakened Vega to punch her, saying "Once more with feeling." Dark Vega is snarky and sarcastic, insulting and mocking to her opponents at every turn. She seems to be repulsed by the idea of justice, often mocking heroines for worshipping their respective philosophies.

The villainess seems to possess a superiority complex, mocking heroines of their weakness and their belief in justice. Her arrogant personality made her one of the most disliked characters among the series by other characters. She also displayed masochistic tendencies when she was beaten by Orchid, Trinity and a weakened Vega, laughing as they do it. However, she does seem to express distress when she is overwhelmed by stronger opponents, submissively begging Omega to stop torturing her and even offering to call her "mistress". Despite being a psychopath, the villainess is generally well-spoken and sophisticated in her mannerism.

Dark Vega is not a complete monster. She has also proven herself to be redeemable at the end of her life, sacrificing herself to save her "sister" Vega. In the past, she has also been open to teaming up with heroes despite hating their idealogy. She is also open to the idea of giving her opponents a chance to attack first before she fights them, or even giving them second chances, as shown when she willingly allowed Trinity and Vega to strike her. She also allowed both a second chance to fight her despite their inferiority in strength.

Dark Vega is presumably heterosexual, although she shows a strange fascination to her female opponents. Dark Vega kissed both Allura and Nightshade on the lips with her freezing kiss, these are however, means to either wake them up for torture(Allura) or to kill them(Nightshade).

Powers and Abilities

As an evil clone of Vega, a parody of Supergirl from DC comics, Dark Vega possesses enhanced strength, speed and durability that remains exceptional even among most heroines in Heroine Legends.

She also possesses heat vision, freezing touch and freezing breath. Her freezing breath is often her finishing move as well as the most versatile, she is able to kiss her opponent until they freeze into ice, breath on her opponents, or transfer the freezing powers to her fists.

Her already impressive powers are enhanced by her sadistic streak and savagery due to being a corrupted clone of Vega, she was able to dispose of many heroines and villains with ease including Nightshade, Nightshadow, Trinity, Celestia, Tempest, Orchid and even Vega herself multiple times.

Dark Vega was able to fight Allura, the mother of Vega to a stalemate, with Dark Vega winning 2 of their encounters and Allura winning 2, their strength level appears to be similar. Dark Vega was also able to defeat the Black Queen, arguably the most powerful villainess with extreme difficulty, almost dying in the process, however it turned out that she was an imposter later on.

Dark Vega showed extremely high pain tolerance and endurance, shrugging off blows from Trinity, Vega(Although weakened) and Orchid, even expressing masochistic pleasure as they attack her. She is able to take several blows from multiple superpowered individuals. She also showed some degree of toxin resistance when poisoned by Nightshade, overwhelming Nightshade's poison with her freezing kiss.

Dark Vega is highly intelligent and manipulative, she was able to easily trick Vega into injecting herself with an anesthetic and injecting Dark Vega with a strength stimulant by figuring out which box Vega would choose. She was also able to comprehend the true power of the amulet of power, orchestrating events behind the scenes in order to steal it from gangsters and Allura to work in her favor. She was able to easily manipulate Moxley into joining her through pure intimidation. Dark Vega appears to be extremely well-spoken, often mocking her opponents in a sophisticated yet cruel manner. She also attempted to manipulate Orchid into joining her, but the stubborn hunter refused out of spite.

Dark Vega is not invincible, however, she is clearly inferior to Omega and Lady Wonder in terms of fighting ability, judging by how she appeared to be terrified of Omega, pleading her not to hurt her when Omega got aggressive with her, acting in a submissive manner to Omega, calling her "mistress" and being unable to fight back against her abusive treatment. Lady Wonder was able to defeat both Dark Vega and Omega at the same time with some difficulty, suggesting that Lady Wonder's strength far eclipses that of Dark Vega.

It is also important to note that Dark Vega defeated Trinity as a rookie, after Trinity's subsequent revival, Trinity proved to be able to defeat both the Black Queen and Omega, two of the strongest characters in the series. It is more than likely than Trinity is now far stronger than Dark Vega at her peak.

In the Helix of Hyperion, Dark Vega obtained the amulet of power, which strengthened her beyond the limits of her body, allowing her to easily defeat Allura. However, upon stealing the amulet from the villainess, Allura was able to turn the tables and easily defeat Dark Vega.

Dark Vega is also vulnerable to specific radioactive substances, of which Vega is equally vulnerable to.


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