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Bethany, aka Marie Dixon (Eva Hamilton), was the main villainess from the 2020 Lifetime film, Revenge for Daddy (alternately titled, Looking for Mr. Wonderful; airdate March 19, 2020).


Bethany was introduced as the co-worker of main protagonist Lisa Clark, though her backstory revealed that she was actually Marie Dixon, and she was Lisa's older half-sister--the daughter of Lisa's father, Tom Clark, from his first marriage. Marie's mother left her then-husband and took Marie with her, after which they lived with her mother's abusive boyfriend. After Marie's mother fatally succumbed to her drug addiction, Marie shot her mother's boyfriend to death, committing the murder as a teenager.

Marie was arrested and convicted of the murder; serving over 20 years in prison before an early release a year prior to the events for good behavior. However, Marie harbored hatred and resentment towards her father, blaming him for her troubled life and her actions, and after tracking her father and learning about his new life with wife Barbara and daughter Lisa, Marie (having changed her name to Bethany) waited in ambush for Tom before running him down in her car, killing him.


The events saw Bethany in a chilly friendship with Lisa, as Lisa's then-boyfriend Bobby (a police officer) cheated on Lisa with Bethany (among other women). All the while, Bethany's villainous past remained hidden for the past year, and she was shown expressing her perceived regret to Lisa over hooking up with Bobby, though she also used her hacking skills to set up Lisa on a date with Michael Patterson. Later on, Bethany noticed that Nina was working on the case regarding Lisa's father, with Nina voicing her enthusiasm with true crime stories, while also informing Bethany that she had solved the case.

Afterwards, Bethany turned heel once again and planned to kill Nina, with her latest murderous scheme taking place during the group's night out. Her plan involved framing Lisa, as she drugged Lisa's drink before stabbing Nina to death outside the nightclub. Lisa woke up next to Nina's body, and expressed shock over seeing that she had been killed, but she ended up arrested for the murder due to Bethany's actions. Lisa ended up placed on house arrest while the investigation progressed, though Lisa and her friend Abby returned to the scene of Nina's murder to see if the former could remember what occurred.

As for Bethany, she returned to her workplace after learning that Lisa phoned her boss, Ethan, regarding Nina's computer; donning a masked and hooded disguise before knocking out Ethan with a fire extinguisher. Shortly afterwards, the evil Bethany pursued Lisa while wielding a knife, though she escaped once Detective Willis arrived at the scene and fired shots at the masked villainess.

Reveal and Demise

Michael ended up arrested due to Bethany placing his business card at the scene of Ethan's attack, though Bobby did some digging into Bethany as Lisa and Abby suggested, and he revealed her true identity as Marie Dixon, with Barbara stating that she had known about Marie being her husband's daughter from his first marriage. The film's climax saw Bethany enter Lisa's home and pistol-whip Abby before tying her and Barbara up, after which she lashed out at Barbara as well as her deceased husband for ruining her life (in her mind).

Lisa and Ethan returned home to find Abby and Barbara tied up, after which Bethany emerged and pointed a gun at both of them. The psychotic villainess boldly confessed to killing her and Lisa's father, adding that he deserved to be killed in spite of the fact that her father was nothing but kind to her, while her mother wasn't. Bethany then revealed her plan to steal the life that Lisa had, by killing the others and framing Lisa for the crime. Abby managed to dial 911 while being tied up, though it was at that moment that Detective Willis arrived, after which Bethany ordered Lisa to send her away. Willis ended up entering anyway after she was told that a 911 call came from the house, and that it was Abby who called.

It was at that moment that an enraged Bethany appeared with her gun in hand. Bethany declared that she has no intention to fail at her goal of killing everyone in the house, and demanded Willis to not try and stop her, but Willis ignored Bethany's order to let go of her gun, and ended up shot by the villainess (non-fatally) when she was about to unleash it. After the shot, Bobby entered and ordered his ex-girlfriend to drop the weapon, but when Bethany refused and attempted to shoot Lisa instead in a last-ditch attempt to win, she herself ended up getting shot and killed by both Willis and Bobby, thus saving Lisa and everyone else in the process.