Anna Ivers is the tragic main character in the 2009 American remake of A Tale of Two Sisters -  The Uninvited who hated her new soon-to-be stepmother Rachel Summers for "stealing her father away" from her sick mother. Anna seems to be a loving and gentle girl but by the end of the film, she is revealed to be psychotic.

She was portrayed by Emily Browning.


Anna had a close relationship with her sister Alex and their terminally ill mother. During a party, when Anna refused to have sex with her boyfriend Matt, she discovered her father Steven and Rachel, her mother's nurse, having sex. Infuriated, she went to her family's boat house to fill a watering can with gasoline, intending to burn down their main house with Steven and Rachel inside. Alex runs into Anna just when she leaves to carry out the deed and their mother rang her bell for help. As Alex enters the cabin to help their mother, a knocked over candle caught fire to a leaking trail of gasoline; Anna didn't close the tap properly and the resulting explosion killed both her mother and sister. This shocked Anna and she attempted suicide, landing her in a mental hospital.

After 10 months, she returns home to find that Rachel, whom she still despised, is engaged to her father. She develops a schizophrenic image of her sister and disassociate Identity Disorder. The alternate personality manifests itself as "Alex", and both Anna and "Alex" blame Rachel for the fire, believing that she was a psychotic child murderer named "Mildred Kemp" who wanted to kill their entire family to take Steven for herself. While Anna experienced more hallucinations of "child ghosts" and wrecked havoc trying to find "evidence" of the fire, her split personality murdered her boyfriend Matt, who tried to convince her of the truth and eventually killed Rachel at the end of the film. When Steven returned home to find Anna covered in blood, he snapped her out of her delusion by reminding her that Alex is dead and she was sent back to the mental hospital.

Upon her return to the mental institution, Anna is welcomed back by the patient that scared her earlier, whose name plate on the door says "Mildred Kemp". Anna vaguely smiles.



  • Anna was based on Bae Su-mi.
  • The Ivers family's name was mistakenly referred to as "Rydell" as the ruth explained in the film with Anna's father Steven's last name on his book presented to her as a homecoming gift.
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