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Rhoda is the secondary protagonist of the 1986 Italian erotic horror comic "Storie Viola 11: Automazione totale".

Rhoda is an assistant Jack, a scientist who seeks to find a way to use a living human brain as a natural computer for the automatons he has constructed. Jack's daughter, Alexa, however, suspects that she is only after her father for his money.

One night Alexa sneaks into the room of her adversary and finds a personal photo album featuring Rhoda having sex with many different men. Alexa decides to steal the album to show to her father, but when confronted about it, the two females fight and she ends up fatally stabbing Rhoda with a pair of scissors. Though initially remorseful for having done so, Alexa quickly realizes that Rhoda's still-active brain would be perfect for her father's experiments. Reluctantly, her father is coaxed into it.

Soon Rhoda's brain develops the capability of telepathy, and she begs Alexa to at least alter the machine to give her back her free will. Not believing for a second that she should trust Rhoda, however, Alexa opts to torture the brain instead. Rhoda finally gets her revenge, however, when Alexa attempts to torment her further by having sex with her boyfriend, Ted, right in front of her. Rhoda briefly takes control of Alexa's mind; just long enough for her to kill Ted. She then manages to permanently gain control, while also sending Alexa to be trapped in her own brain.

It is then that Rhoda notices Alexa's three female friends from school, who had come to spy on her classmate while she lost her virginity. Though innocent, Rhoda knows that it wouldn't be good for her if the girls described to anyone just what had transpired here, so she decides to torture and kill them using the automatons. Once that is taken care of, Rhoda buries the brain which holds Alexa's personality, burns down the laboratory to make it seem like an accident, and prepares to enjoy her new life as a rich man's daughter.

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