Mrs Bianchi 1 - La Scopona

Mrs. Bianchi on the cover of "La Scopona #22".

Mrs. Bianchi
 is the primary antagonist of "Scopata Express", the twenty-second issue of the 1986 Italian ero-comedy comic "La Scopona".

Mrs. Bianchi's introduction in the story finds her walking in on her husband in bed with series protagonist Dorina. Furious, she pulls out her pistol and begins firing, but the two mangage to escape. Though Dorina was unaware that Mr. Bianchi was married, his wife nonetheless pays two thugs to rape the girl, with the added threat that they kill her if she resists. 

Dorina manages to outwit the rapists and deduces that Mrs. Bianchi is the only likely suspect who could have hired them. As delivering parcels happened to be the heroine's "job of the episode", Dorina tracks the wife down at a massage parlor. She tells the staff that she has a delivery for Bianchi and enters the room. She then unwraps the package to reveal a very large phallic sex toy and brutally sodomizes the unsuspecting wife with it. Satisfied, Dorina makes her exit with the parting words, "We're even now, bitch!"

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