Mabel 1 The Three Stooges
"Mary", aka. "Sally", aka. "Mabel"
(Connie Cezon) is the primary antagonist of "Rusty Romeos", a 1957 episode of the comedy short series "The Three Stooges".

Moe, Larry and Joe are each very excited, as they have upcoming dates with their current girlfriends, Mary, Sally and Mabel, respectively. What they don't initially realize, however, is that they are all the same woman. She proposed to each of them the moment that she first met them, with intentions of receiving their valuable engagement gifts and then leaving them high and dry.

Mabel 2 The Three Stooges
Larry arrives at her apartment first, and the woman greets him with a cake that she baked. Within minutes, a knock is heard at the door. The woman tells Larry that it's her mother, and rushes him into another room. She opens the door, lets in Moe, and offers him the same cake as she did Larry. Again, almost immediately, another knock comes, and Moe is also hurried away to a different bedroom. It's Joe, but the two are quickly interrupted when Moe and Larry, having discovered each other, burst into the room.

The three argue, each accusing the other of moving in on his girl. Moe goes to throw the cake, but misses and hits the woman in the face with it. The stooge trio continue their rumble; discreetly aided by the woman who helps Moe and Larry to knock each other unconscious. She is about to leave, when Joe rushes into the room. He tells her that he got her a $100 bill as a gift. He pretends to drop it, prompting the woman to exclaim "Ooo, money!" As she bends down to retrive it however, Joe shoots his rapid-fire tack gun at her backside as revenge for her trickery.


  • Rusty Romeos is a remake of 1952's Corny Casanovas; in the original short, the villainess wasn't named.
  • Connie Cezon also played villainess Slick Chick in 1953's Tricky Dicks.


Mabel 3 The Three Stooges

Larry's... strategic way of presenting his gift.

Mabel 4 The Three Stooges

Damn it, he's early!

Mabel 5 The Three Stooges

Proving that she's thoughtful as well...

Mabel 6 The Three Stooges

...though it backfires quite badly.

Mabel 7 The Three Stooges

Not too upset...

Mabel 8 The Three Stooges

...almost as if it were exactly what she'd been hoping for.

Mabel 9 The Three Stooges

"So long, suckers!"

Mabel 10 The Three Stooges

But Joe's no fool...

Mabel 11 The Three Stooges

...well, at least in this matchup.

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