Manipulative teen Heather

Heather is a evil babe from Total Drama season 1 "Total Drama Island". She is voiced by Rachel Wilson.

She is the archenemy of Gwen and Leshawna. She was shown to be a ruthless and manipulative competitor, forming an alliance with Lindsay and Beth and orchestrating numerous bullying acts against Gwen and even a few eliminations. Her biggest act against Gwen was manipulating her and her love interest against each other and earning immunity later on, causing Trent to be voted off. In the end, Heather was eliminated after failing a challenge and getting her hair shaved off in the process.

In later seasons, while Heather maintained traces of her villainous nature, began showing signs of not being as cold-hearted as she initially appeared. This continued into Total Drama World Tour, where she tried to warn Leshawna of the evil and manipulative Alejandro. But in the season finale, Heather manipulated Alejandro to get his guard so she could knee him in the crotch and take the win.

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