Elaine 1 Koudelka
Elaine Heyworth
is the ultimate antagonist in the 1999 Playstation horror RPG "Koudelka".

Elaine is the wife of Patrick Heyworth, who was killed by thieves inside of their monestary while he was away. Stricken with despair, he tried to raise her from the dead, but instead allowed a demon to take over her body in doing so.

James - another man who loved Elaine - along with protagonists Koudelka and Edward, work to locate and stop the demon. Three different endings occur. In one, the three heroes are killed by her, as Koudelka did not have her protective pendant. In the second, the demon is killed, and the three heroes survive. In the final (canon) ending, the demon is defeated through purification and Elaine's true soul returns to her body. She then wisks James up to heaven with her, while Koudelka and Edward move on with their lives.

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