Scarlett Beauregarde is the callous and neurotic stage mother of Violet Beauregarde from the 2005 film Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

Mrs Beauregarde is first seen during Violet's interview that takes place after Violet has won the third golden ticket during which it is shown that Mrs Bearegarde and her daughter both dress identically and have matching hair styles showing the unhealthy relationship that exists between the two. This is further demonstrated during the interview where Mrs Beauregarde reveals that she is a former baton champion who now expects her daughter to excel at everything. Mrs Beauregarde is next seen outside the factory where she tells her daughter to keep her eyes on the prize while in the factory further showing that the relationship between the two is more like coach and athlete than mother and daughter.

Mrs Beauregarde further demonstrates the depths to which she will sink just before the candy boat ride where she attempts to seduce Mr Wonka as a ploy to ensure her daughters victory but this does not work. Later in the inventing room Mrs Beauregarde neurosis costs her and her daughter dearly as Violet's attitude causes her to take a piece of Wonka's latest invention a piece of chewing gum that is a full three course dinner all by itself. Despite Wonka's warnings that the gum is not ready Mrs Beauregarde encourages her daughter to keep chewing hoping to further bask in Violet's reflective glory however this quickly gives way to panic as Violet begins to turn blue.

Mrs Beauregarde quickly starts to panic and rather cowardly backs away from Violet who proceeds to blow up into a giant blue ball, Wonka then appears beside her and explains that Violet has in fact transformed into a giant blueberry. Mrs Beauregarde then shows how little she values her daughters health as she complains that she cannot have a blueberry for a daughter and asks Wonka how her daughter is meant to carry on competing more concerned with her daughters career than the fact that she has turned into a blueberry. Veruca then suggests that Mrs Beauregarde can place Violet in a county fair much to Wonka's amusement but Mrs Beauregarde actually considers this idea as a possibility however Mrs Beauregarde later shows some hint of parental concern as she runs to help the now blueberry Violet who is stuck in the inventing room door. When last seen Mrs Beauregarde and a deflated Violet are leaving the factory with Violet highly excited about her newly acquired flexibility however Mrs Beauregarde tells her daughter despite this is she is still blue implying she will give up coaching her daughter and act more like a mother.

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