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My name is SpaceProtagonist, and I discovered the wiki, by coincidence when I was browsing the Internet, and I've gotta say, when I first discovered the EvilBabes Wiki, I noticed that a lot of my favorite female villains weren't on this wiki, including the badge villains. Initially, I used to be a request sender, who didn't really do too much work on this wiki, but later, I really started to get into the wiki, and even started searching for and added some examples of my own. Plus, once you get into it, it can be a lot of fun. And now I added villainesses from live-action, films, anime, cartoons, and all kinds of media in between. So now it's like, boom, you can't stop me! Who knew fiction had so many wicked females? (Besides Akujo and Snakesonaplane2) Speaking of which, I noticed some of the Evil Babes really stood out and terms of heinousness, they're know as Freud Busters, or Pure Evil or Complete Monsters. Aside from working here, I also work on the Villains Wiki, so I know lots about which villains belong in Freud Buster, and which ones don't. Honestly I think the category is abused too often, I mean they used to be on blog posts! Anyway, I'm climbing the leaderboard, and I'm one of the top users. My only complaint is, I've been constantly trying to earn a Lucky 007 badge, but it only worked once.

My favorite pages

  • First page I created: Lady Tremaine (Cinderella 1950)
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