This page showcases video games, comics and animations containing characters from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (美少女戦士セーラームーン) which were fan-made/unofficially made.

Female Mutant VS Crossdressing Soldier (女怪人vs女装戦士君)Edit

A commercial doujin video game created by circle 78 in 2018. In this title, a boy named Sailor Procyon, who himself comes from the planet Procyon, travels to earth in order to save the "Moon Goddess" from evil, unnamed antagonists who visually resemble the female villains from the "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon" anime. The two most significant differences are the modifications to their chest size and their motivations to rape innocents, such as the protagonist. Later updates of the game allow every villainess to be playable.

The primary antagonist and final boss of the game is the unnamed "Mimete" representative. Upon her defeat, Sailor Procyon is able to successfully free the "Moon Goddess". However, the villainess - only pretending to be unconscious - uses this distraction to taze him and take him back to her laboratory. There, she removes the special underwear which gives him his powers and subjects him to a life of breeding with the daimon so that she can acquire an army to help her take over the world.

Stage 1 EnemiesEdit

Enemies 1 - FMvsCS

Stage 2 Enemies Edit

Enemies 2 - FMvsCS

Stage 3 Enemies Edit

Enemies 3 - FMvsCS

Stage 4 Enemies Edit

Enemies 4 - FMvsCS

Stage 5 Enemies Edit

Enemies 5 - FMvsCS

Stage 6 EnemiesEdit

Enemies 6 - FMvsCS

Stage 7 EnemiesEdit

Enemies 7 - FMvsCS
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