Trish Colletti

The evil Trish Colletti

Trish Colletti is the villainess of "The Grim Butcher", case #3 of the crime solving game Criminal Case (release date November 15, 2012). She was the daughter of butcher Raoul Colletti and worked at her father's warehouse along with Raphael Soza, who was also Trish's boyfriend.

Trish (along with her father and Raphael) were questioned regarding the brutal murder of Jennifer Carter, a classmate of Trish's who was found by Trish strung upside down and cut open in the warehouse. During her questioning, Trish stated that she and Jennifer weren't friends, as she considered her too "posh" and stated that she believed her flirtatious nature was what might have led to her murder.

Over the course of the investigation, it was discovered that Raphael had cheated on Trish with Jennifer, as revealed by detective David Jones and his partner (the player) finding a pair of Jennifer's underwear at the homeless camp Raphael stayed at and a torn page of Jennifer's diary showing her anger at Raphael for not leaving Trish out of fear of losing his job. When asked about this, however, Trish angrily denied the claim and revealed her hidden hate for Jennifer.

Ultimately, it was proven that Trish was Jennifer's killer, having done so out of anger at her for sleeping with Raphael. Trish hit Jennifer over the head to knock her out before taking her to the butchery, where they hung Jennifer from a meat hook and burned her with cigarettes before cutting her open, standing by and watching as Jennifer bled to death. The sadistic villainess also sold Jennifer's heart to her mother Vanessa, having developed hate for the Carter family as a whole. When confronted by her horrified father, the evil Trish remorselessly admitted to killing Jennifer and even accused her of coming on to her father as well. Trish was arrested and, during her trial, Trish angrily proclaimed that she had committed her heinous murder out of love for Raphael. Judge Olivia Hall ultimately sentenced Trish to a life sentence with the possibility of parole in 40 years.

Trivia Edit

  • Trish Colletti was the first villainess of the Criminal Case series.

Quotes Edit

  • "That bitch slept with my boyfriend! And she kept making passes at you, Dad, I SAW her! You started sweating whenever she came in to the store! What, I was supposed to let that fly!?" (Trish's crazed confession to murdering Jennifer)


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