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Trakeena is the primary antagonist of the 1999 TV series, "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy". She is portrayed by Amy Miller in 31 of those episodes. Later when Trakeena's character reappeared in "Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue", she was portrayed by Jennifer Burns.

Trakeena was the daughter of the galactic tyrant Scorpius and an unknown human female. She assumed the role of evil princess of her father's alien army and was often spoiled by his attention. She was a brat at first and very vain and proud. Trakeena had the monster Crumummy steal the beauty from all the female inhabitants of Terra Venture, because she hated the possibility that their might be someone among them more beautiful than her.
Trakeena eventually became a great warrior and learned martial arts. She was was a deadly insectoid creature who was clad in tight armor to giver her the bug like form. After taking over for her father after he was killed, she became much more dangerous than he ever was. She was competent at commanding armies and pushing the Rangers to the limit. She used humor in her put-downs. In one of the episodes she took on her sexy human form to tempt the male Rangers with a love potion.

At the end of the series she was seemingly destroyed by Leo's Battlizer when he fired his weapon at point-blank range. We later found out that she survived when the Lightspeed Rescue took place. However, she was horribly scarred. She eventually regained her lost power from her father's cocoon and was transformed into insect. She attempted to regain her human form by capturing humans to drain their life force. However, Queen Bansheera ordered her son Olympius to prevent Trakeena from doing this. He tainted Trakeena's life force with a poison dagger, causing Trakeena to mutate into a giant purple monstrosity. The Galaxy and Lightspeed Rangers teamed up to battle her. Trakeena was eventually permanently destroyed.

Trakeena remained bad all the way through both series.

Lost Galaxy Era Boss' Story Arc -18 - Trakeena (Re Uploaded)

Lost Galaxy Era Boss' Story Arc -18 - Trakeena (Re Uploaded)

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  • Amy Miller appeared later as Giga, the henchman in the 2001 episode "Virtual Vice" for the TV series "Black Scorpion".
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