Tracey Noble

The evil Tracey Noble

Tracey Noble (Ami Dolenz) is the main villainess from "Bloodlines," episode 10.06 of Murder, She Wrote (airdate November 9, 1993). She is the only daughter of widowed Catherine Noble, the owner of Noble Farms, and she is also the fiancee of Paul Hampton, the only son of widowed Hampton Farms owner Wally Hampton.

However, Noble Farms was on the brink of bankruptcy, and their hopes solely relied on Swift Prince, a race horse jointly owned by Noble Farms and Hampton Farms, winning the Raleigh Handicap event. While Tracey was on her way to meet Paul one night, she encountered trainer Matt Cleveland, who told Tracey that Wally and Catherine had been bilked by Lloyd Mentone, and he was on his way to warn the partners. Tracey went with him, but knowing that the truth would ruin Noble Farms, she had planned to silence Matt. She feigned feeling sick and urged Matt to pull over--grabbing the flashlight after Matt stops the truck. Matt later tended to the "ill" Tracey, only for the villainess to bludgeon him to death with the flashlight.

Jessica Fletcher appeared at the Noble home and outed Tracey as Matt's killer, a claim that Tracey and Catherine both denied. After Jessica revealed the details and stated that Gus Tardio was a witness (which wasn't true), Tracey confessed to killing Matt and later hugged her mother before she was arrested by Sheriff Clyde Benson.


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