Empress Torellia is a supporting antagonist in the book three of the trilogy ‘The Tamuli’, the sequel to the series ‘The Elenium’. She is the minion of the Empress Chacole and the princess of Arjuna. Torellia and Chacole plot to kill Emperor Sarabian. Torellia is described as a slender girl in her mid-twenties. She is mentioned in book 2 but is not rounded up by the heroes.

Torellia and Chacole are seen with the ugly Empress Gahennas and the bare-breasted Empress Elysoun (Who is pretending to go along with the plot). Chacole is mostly doing the talking, but Torellia memorable tries to be catty but, according to Elysoun, is too young to pull it off.

Torellia and Chacole later plan to kill Gahennas (who knows too much) but the plan fails. They also send assassins after Sarabian but they also don’t succeed. THey are presumably punished but it is unknown what happens to them.

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