Tom Cat

Tom Cat/トムキャット (VA: Chieko Honda) is a secondary antagonist in the OAV Violence Jack: Jigoku Gai (バイオレンスジャック地獄街 - "Violence Jack: Evil Town").

Tom Cat is a member of the gang "Mad Saulus", which inhabits Sector B deep beneath Tokyo, after a disastrous earthquake destroyed the city. She is a lesbian; a preference of which she is mocked at by her male companions. She travels with her boss, Mad Saulus, and the remainder of the gang to the center of the underground tunnels after learning that Sector A, which houses most of the remaining men and children, has both unearthed and allied themselves with Violence Jack. However, during the confrontation, the leader of Sector C, which consists of the surviving women, persuades Jack to switch sides. With their bodyguard now gone, Sector A quickly falls under attack by Mad Saulus. While most of the gang kills the men during this rampage, Tom Cat chooses to hunt down and slaughter all of the children.

Tom Cat 2

Tom Cat (far right) with the Mad Saulus gang

Eventually, Sector C manages to find a route to the surface. Knowing that the women will surely report all of the heinous atrocities that the gang has committed to the law enforcement above ground, Mad Saulus orders his group to chase down the women and kill them before they manage to escape. Tom Cat and the men find the women and proceed to rape them, but their ravaging is short-lived as Violence Jack appears and begins slaughtering them effortlessly. Cowardly, Tom Cat begs for her life and offers to pleasure Jack if he will spare her, but the giant man, still in his violent trance, lifts the woman off the ground and proceeds to rip her body in half.

Tom Cat is the only notable character of Violence Jack: Jigoku Gai which does not appear in the original manga story, but since Go Nagai was heavily involved with the OVA's development, it is possible that she could be considered one of his creations.


  • Chieko Honda also voiced vengeful villainess Akiko Sayama from Case Closed.


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