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Tina (Daliah Lavi) is a double agent in the 1966 Matt Helm spy spoof movie, "The Silencers". Tina thinks nothing about killing one of her own fellow agents for selfish reasons. She eventually gets killed in a " villains lair " shootout by an exploding button.

We first see Tina when she saves Matt Helm (Dean Martin) from the deadly assassin known only as Barbara (Nancy Kovack). Barbara was sent to seduce and then stab Matt Helm. Matt returned to his flat to find Barbara's clothes laying on the floor creating a trail to his bathroom in which Barbara lurks. Dressed in one of Matt's shirts and nothing else the villainess attempts to seduce Matt pretending that she is working for Matt's former employer ICE (Intelligence and Counter-Espionage).

Barbara makes her moves on Matt as Tina watches from the shadows.

Matt at first rejects her, asking Barbara to leave but then she begins to tease and fondle Matt pressing her large breasts into his back. Matt can no longer resist her charms and they begin to kiss. Barbara pulls a small dagger and is about to stab Matt as they lock lips but then is suddenly shot twice in the back with a suppressed weapon. Barbara dies in Matt's arms as Tina appears on his balcony holding a smoking automatic with a silencer attached.

TIna has just saved Matt's life but there is no telling how much of what went on she saw. Tina tells Matt that the late Barbara was responsible for killing her partner.

Tina's bullets finish off the deadly Barbara before she can connect with Matt Helm.

Matt's would-be lover Barbara's body is still laying on the floor Tina asks what will happen when the cleaning lady comes in in the morning. (Matt has a personal assistant named Lovey (Beverly Adams) whom he seduced in the opening scene as they bathed in his swimming pool. Lovey is Matt's not too bright morning sexual plaything, who runs errands for her boss when he isn't ravishing her.)

Matt suggests putting his late lover's body in his bed for the time being, where it won't arouse suspension. Tina gives him the thumbs up and they two presumable carry the femme fatale into the next room.

Tina helps Matt hide the late Barbara's body.

Matt and Tina are about to escape when they meet another assassin in Matt's garage. He was apparently Barbara's controller and tells them that they shouldn't have killed Barbara as she was real valuable to (his) organization.

Matt kills the man with a trick camera.

Matt and Tina leave town and drive to the Phoenix Hotel and poses as his wife. While sitting by the pool a clumsy girl named Gail Hendricks (Stella Stevens) spills water on Matt. Gail is with Sam Gunther (Robert Webber) a keyboard player who has a crush her.

Matt goes to his room to change, but then Tina invites him to her room across the hall. Matt and Tina were lovers years before and she still has a crush on him. He unbuttons her dress to find a small .22 caliber handgun hanging from a holster attached to her size 36-DD bra with slightly rounded conical cups.

That's a crazy holster!

Matt: Talk about a booby trap. That's a crazy holster.

After making love for the rest of the afternoon the two attend the sultry striptease performance of Sarita (Cyd Charisse) in the hotel's lounge, The Slaygirls Club.

Helm has learned that a microfilm capsule containing valuable information is in the possession of Sarita, and that she may be trying to pass it off during her performance. The information has to do with the timetable for a planned U.S. underground atomic test. Sarita had originally obtained it from the American scientist Dr. Naldi (David Bond). Towards the end of her performance, Sarita is shot through her own billboard poster with two bullets to the chest by Sam Gunther (Robert Webber), who is also a Big O operative.

As she is dying on the stage, Gail Hendricks reaches her, and Sarita hands off a microfilm capsule to her. Helm and Tina intercept Gail to obtain the microfilm from her.

Taking her to Matt's room, Matt rips Gail's clothes off in one sweeping motion. Leaving her in only her 34D bra and panties.

Gail protests and picks up the phone (which had earlier been booby-trapped with poison gas by enemy agents trying to kill Matt Helm). The green gas blows into Tina's face.

Matt helps Tina to make a quick recovery.

Tina is rushed to the hospital. Gail is now a suspect. Matt visits Tina in the hospital where she has mostly recovered and makes loves to her again (to help the healing process.)

Later Matt is informed that Tina has been captured by enemy agents who broke in and killed a guard.

Matt and Gail are now working together. They get caught in a rainstorm in the desert. Matt decides to wait the storm out, he presses a button and the back seat of his car turns into a bet. Gail doesn't trust Matt tries to make her way in the rain and falls in the mud. Gail gets back in his car soaking wet. Matt helps her take off her dirty wet clothes and then seduces, with some kind words and kisses. Matt is still unsure whose side Gail is on but for now, he enjoys her making love to her.

Then again the next day Matt and Gail are looking for clues, but are unable to find any. While walking through a forest park next to a lake they hear gunshots in the distance, and seeing its only hunters, Matt tells Gail that the enemy is shooting at them. They duck for cover and Matt rolls on top of her to "protect" her from the "bullets".

Matt questions Gail to find out what she knows about Big O.

Matt and asks her to confess to being an enemy agent. They are now much closer after their night of bliss in his car. Matt's attempt to get her to confess quickly turns into a second seduction and she is suddenly in the mood and they begin to go for it on the grass. They kiss passionately. Having rounding first base Matt is about to love to her a second time when suddenly a gun is thrust in his face.

The gun is being held by Sam Gunther who is really an enemy agent. He's not pleased watching Matt trying to hook up with Gail whom he has a crush on. Gail always refused Gunther's advances and here she's getting ready to give up the goodies to Matt. Gunther takes Matt's special weapon a .45 automatic for himself.

Tina, as she reveals that she is a double agent, and Gail, the woman Matt has been double-timing her with.

Gail and Matt are captured. Matt still isn't sure whose side Gail is on.

They are taken to Big O's underground headquarters. It is here that revealed that Tina is a double agent.

Gail is dragged off to another room and held at gunpoint by Gunther.

Now dressed in a black pantsuit with a plunging neckline it all becomes clear to Matt. Tina was a double agent but she is in love with him. She takes Matt to her private room and lays on the bed and attempts to seduce him and make love to him a third time. But Matt will have none of it.

Matt: I'd rather fight than switch!

Upset at his rejection she pulls off one of his buttons, which is a whistling mini-bomb. Matt dives for cover and the bomb goes off stunning her. With one last effort before she dies Tina pushes a button next to her bed.

Gail seconds after finding out that she is about to be shot by Tina's order!

The button flashes a red light in the room where Gunther is holding Gail at gunpoint. It is an order to kill her.

Gunther: Sorry about this baby, we could have had fun.

Gail closes her eyes and sticks out her shapely chest in a lowcut yellow top as Gunther pulls the trigger and is shot. Matt's gun shoots backwards if you don't know how to use it. This way if it falls into enemy hands they will shoot themselves.

Gail ends up helping Helm foil the villainous Big O's plans and they escape his underground headquarters together. Making safely back to Matt Helm's pad and his nice big round bed.


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Daliah Lavi appears as Helga, a female assassin/henchwomen in the 1967 film, "Some Girls Do".
  • Daliah Lavi appeared as Madame Maria Cholon in the 1968 drama "The High Commissioner", which is also known as "Nobody Runs Forever".
  • There is an extended outtake that shows that when Matt is undressing Tina in the prelude to the first reunion and reconnection after several years apart she not only has a gun on her bra but a second weapon of the same size is attached to her panties on her hip.

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