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Tina (Ruth Collins) is the secondary villainess in the 1987 horror comedy film "Doom Asylum".

Tina is a big haired and big boobed leader of a all-girl punk rock group band named Tina and the Tots. The three members: Tina, Rapunzel (Farin), and Godiva (Dawn Alvan), practice their craft in an abandoned asylum.

The asylum is visited by Kiki LaRue (Patty Mullen) and her boyfriend, Mike (William Hay) and an assortment of their friends.  After hearing the sounds of the rock group practicing, Darnell (Harrison White) sneaks inside and unplugs their sound system.  Tina is not happy for the intrusion and vows to get revenge.  The punk rock group terrorizes the visitors to the asylum.  In one scene, Tina is showing taunting the teenagers from the top of the building as she removes her black bullet bra, releasing her ample breasts.  Later she severly beats up Mike in a fight.

However, a demented coroner named Mitch Hansen (Michael Rogen) uses autopsy equipment to kill off the teenagers and the punk rock group members, who trespass on the abandoned asylum he lives in.  Godiva has her face burnt off with acid, and Repunzel is strangled with a stethoscope.

Tina is soon made aware that she has become the hunted, and eventually helps the couple fight off the killer.  She engages in a fight with the killer with a long lead pipe.  As she gains the upper hand, she turns her attention to Kiki who has been tied to a rack.  Tina releases Kiki from the ropes.

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Unfortunately, in the process she has her skirt caught in a lever.  The lever turns on a large motor and flips her up onto a conveyor belt.  The belt then feeds her through a belt driven crushing machine.  Kiki attempts to find the shutoff valve as the helpless Tina is seen making her way through the powerful machine.  The killer is seen enjoying the lovely Tina's demise.  Finally, a block of flesh is spit out the other end of the conveyor belt.  The block is lined with the remains of Tina's black bullet bra, an outstretched hand, and one of her high heels.


  • The demise of Tina is similar to that of the Drug Dealer Girlfriends (Deborah Lee Johnson and Karla Tamburrelli) in the 1991 comedy film "Nothing But Trouble".


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