Tilly (Strega) 1

The evil Tilly

is the murderous protagonist of the story "La Signora della Morte" found within second issue of the erotic Italian horror fumetti "Strega".

A takeoff on John Carptenter's "Halloween", Tilly murdered her sibling as a child one Halloween night, gutting him and then eating his heart, after her father told her that such acts were done by witches, which is what Tilly had gone Trick or Treating as earlier in the evening.

As an adult years later, Tilly breaks out of her mental asylum by murdering one of the doctors and altering her appearance to appear male. She then returns to her hometown, murdering the various people that she comes across. She is finally killed by a shotgun blast from the town's police chief, whose daugther Tilly murdered just hours before.

Tilly (Strega) 3

Building her strength in the asylum for when the big day comes.

Tilly (Strega) 2

Killing the psychiatrist.

Tilly (Strega) 5

Putting on her childhood Halloween mask to continue the killings.

Tilly (Strega) 4
Tilly (Strega) 6

The climactic showdown...

Tilly (Strega) 7

...and the end.

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