Tiffany Sands

The evil Tiffany Sands

Tiffany Sands (Camille Sullivan) was the main villainess from "The Ring," the final segment from episode 4.07 of Beyond Belief:  Fact or Fiction (airdate July 25, 2002). She was a hairdresser at a beauty salon; using her job as a side gig and putting her dreams of becoming an actress on hold. Tiffany was also the favorite hairdresser of choice for frequent customer Eileen Wyatt, and they were shown conversing in the beginning of the segment.

As revealed later on, however, Tiffany was having an affair with Eileen's husband, Reese, and they were making out in the salon's laundry room. Tiffany vented about the secrecy of their affair, stating that she should be Reese's wife and urged him to divorce Eileen. Reese stated that a divorce would be too expensive, but he appeased his mistress by giving her an expensive diamond ring.

Later one night, Tiffany stayed late to close the salon when she noticed a repairman working on a retro-style hair dryer, which had a short circuit. After noticing the malfunction, Tiffany decided to use the dryer in a plan to kill Eileen so she could be with Reese and obtain his wealth, and seduced the repairman into not fixing the dryer, promising to pay him handsomely. The next day, the evil Tiffany worked on Eileen's hair and placed her under the dryer, smirking and saying "goodbye" to Eileen under her breath. After turning on the dryer, however, the electric shock traveled through Tiffany's diamond ring and fatally electrocuted the scheming villainess.


  • This story was revealed as a work of fiction at the end of the episode.

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BBFF - The Ring

BBFF - The Ring

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