• Many thanks for posting General Trofimov's Assistant (V.I.P.)

    Do you have a list of episodes from V.I.P which had similar types of villainesses in them?  Thanks.

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    • Same, it looks like the sort of show that would have villainesses I like if there were more of them

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    • There are over a dozend EBs in the serien.

      The others after her in order of my favourites are in

      1. S03E13

      2. S03E14

      3. S01E04

      4. S02E10

      5. S01E22

      6. S02E09

      7. S01E05

      8. S02E14

      9. S03E12

      10. S01E10

      11. S01E18


      13. S01E16

      When I have time, I do pages for each of them.

      What a pity, that I have only the seasons 1-3.

      I searched all the internet for season 4, which was never released in Germany.

      According to Wikipedia, "the show can be streamed for free in the US on Internet Movie Database, Hulu, and Minisodes and full episodes are available on Crackle. In Canada, episodes are available on Netflix.

      Does anyone has access to these streaming services and could get season 4?

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    • Btw. there are so many other great series with awesome EBs which are not on the wiki like Hart to Hart, Dukes of Hazzard, The New Adventures of Robin Hood, Team Knight Rider or The Flash (1990)

      I need definately more time...

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