• I love your name and your profile and just, you're my new lesbian idol! Do you also like villain ladies? Which I am guilty for... I can't help that they're attractive and I'm a big lesbian

    Sorry if this is weird I just saw your name and read your profile and it's all so brilliant!

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    • Thanks for the nice words about me. I am very pleased that you thought so much about my tastes in cinema. I really love female villains and they have always been an example for me. 

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    • Not at all It's all true! =D 

      I love female villains too! Do you have any faves?

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    • Yes, I have favorite characters and I wrote about some of them in my page on this wikia. My favorite character is Queen Gedren. And what are your favorite characters from this Wikia?

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    • A FANDOM user
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