The Thief at Joe's Garage is a minor villain in the Fighting Fantasy Book "Freeway Fighter" written by Ian Livingstone and first published in 1985 (illustrations by Kevin Bulmer).

She is an innocent-looking young girl dressed in T-shirt and jeans who works together with a bald-headed man to rob people of their cars and belongings. With her innocent smile, she lures the hero into her partner's trap. If things go wrong she abandons him, not without first making sure that she cannot be pursued.

Encounter Edit

On his way to exchange sacks of grain for petrol to help out the citizens of New Hope, the hero stops at a "small filling-station, named Joe's Garage", spotting a well-kept hot rod which catches his interest.

A young girl suddenly comes out of the office, wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans. She smiles and says, 'Hi, can I help you?'
―section 34

If the hero climbs out of his Interceptor to walk up to the girl and talk to her, a bald-headed jumps out of hiding, holding a crowbar, shouting "Surprise! Let's have your keys and Creds. No funny business unless you want to get hurt."

If the hero complies, the guy sniggers and hits him unconscious with the crowbar. The couple disappear with both cars and the hero fails his mission.

Otherwise, the hero fights the thug and kills him with his knife.

He slumps to the floor; just then the girl starts up the engine of the hot-rod. In a cloud of burning rubber she screeches up the road on to the highway and is gone.
―section 138

If the hero tries to chase her, he will find that she placed a small mine under his front wheel during the fight. The explosion wrecks it, and he has to use a spare, giving her ample time to make her escape.

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