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The evil Thera, Queen of the Amazons

Thera is a villainess from the animated series Fangface. She appears in the 1978 episode Begone, You Amazon.

She is the evil Queen of the Amazons, a role she took from her cousin, Sheba, who is the rightful ruler. Thera has stolen a medallion from her cousin which proves Sheba’s rightful claim to the throne, and has hidden it away. She commands a loyal army of Amazon Warriors, who assist her with her evil deeds. The evil queen Thera wears a short brown skirt with a gold crown, necklace and bracelets.

When her good cousin turns up with the show’s heroes, Thera has them sent to a gladiator arena where they will fight to the death for the pleasure of the evil queen and her army. One amazon warrior fights using a giant black cat, but she is defeated and the heroes escape from captivity. Thera commands that her army run after the heroes but they fail to capture them. During this period, the good guys manage to find the stolen medallion, and plan to show it to the amazon elders to prove Sheba should be the rightful queen.

During a meeting between Thera and the elders, Sheba and her new friends plan to break in and show the medallion, but they make a mess of the situation and one of them ends up being captured and assigned the role of being Queen Thera’s personal manservant, instead of being fed to the crocodiles. He submissively kisses her hand, which she really enjoys, and later ends up having to feed her grapes.

He is ultimately rescued from the situation by his friends, but Queen Thera and her amazon army chase after them. The villainesses chase the heroes down the river; riding on a crocodile and in canoes. They are defeated when Fangface uses the trunk of the tree to spin on the water, which causes a massive wave to knock the bad girls off their transport. The wave causes the amazon army to be trapped under their canoes on the shore, and Thera to be caught hanging in a tree. Later on, Sheba is shown on the throne as the new queen, but the fate of Thera and her army isn’t mentioned.


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