Henchwomen montage

Some of the White Trash henchwomen/zako

The White Trash henchwomen appear in the crime/action US comic "American Flagg" issues 19 to 22 (1985). The comic, set in the 2030s, follows the adventures of "Plexus Ranger" cop Reuben Flagg.

The Story Edit

A white murderer escapes from prison - he can change his appearance by morphing into a black man called Stagolee DeLyons; in this disguise he sets up "policlub" called "White Trash" to run lucrative criminal rackets and to ruthlessly take over the organized crime in the city by mass murder. To do this he employs a large gang of evil Caucasian female criminals as henchwomen.

Weapons Edit

Machine guns. Hand guns.

Character, Appearance And Fate Edit

Cruel, vicious and heartless, they are all "tarty" white blondes wearing similar (though of different colors) skimpy hooker type outfits and armed with machine guns and hand guns. The gang's name, White Trash, is obviously based upon this. They lure the male criminal rivals into "honey traps", get them helpless, and then massacre them with guns and explosives.They are also very willing sex partners for DeLyons. Their leader is Stagolee's aggresive and nasty "main squeeze", Angel Hollywood. Ranger agent Kirsten "Bullets" Kisco uses her fists to take down 2 of the armed henchwomen when infiltrating the White Trash HQ. She is later captured and tortured - but manages to escape from a car when 2 gun toting henchwomen are taking her away to be murdered. DeLyons himself shoots one henchwoman, Dorit, for not disposing of a corpse in the way he ordered. Several are shot or taken out with blows when the hero and a heroine, Amanda Krieger, raid the White Trash HQ. Survivors must be arrested at the end, though this isn't shown.

Examples of some great bad girl dialog Edit

Angel - " for you Dorit, if Stag finds out you screwed up, you can kiss your ass goodbye"

Donna (about to shoot Ranger "Bullets" Kisco) - "Roll down her window, huh Barb - no reason to get any o' this ol' bitch's brains on the upholstery..."

Gallery Edit

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