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The Three Mothers, aka. Noose (Victoria Graham), Slimy (Luna Devika) and Crispy (Manny Sandow) are the primary antagonists of the 2018 horror film "The Night Sitter".

During the seventeenth century, the three mothers were notorious child killers who would slit the throats of their young victims and bleed them dry during their rituals. The three were eventually caught and killed during the Salem Witch Trials; one hanged, one drowned and one burned at the stake. Using their magic, however, the three were able to transfer their essence into an evil book.

Cut to the present day, the book has ended up in the hands of Ted Hooper. One night, Ted's son Kevin discovers the book while his babysitter Amber and her friends attempt to rob the house. Kevin accidentally cuts his finger on one of the book's pages; the drops of blood from which manages to summon the witches back. The mothers manage to abduct and murder another child within the house - Ronnie, the son of Ted's current girlfriend. In their attempts to get to Kevin, one of the witches possesses Lindsey (Amber Neukum), who is one of the robbers. Another robber, Martin, is briefly deceived when Slimy disguises her appearance as a pool vixen (Alyx Libby).

Amber manages to release the witch from Lindsey's body by stabbing her in the back of the head. From robber to hero, she manages to rescue Keven from their grasp by hanging Noose with her own noose and stabbing Slimy in the eye with a pencil (it is unconfirmed if either of these actions were truly "fatal"). As the only two survivors of the incident, Amber and Kevin drive far away as a curious goes to inspect the house, setting up a potential sequel.