The Stripper Assassin is an unnamed villainess who appears, briefly but very notably, in the Cynthia Rothrock crime/martial arts film China O'Brien 2   (USA 1990).

Stripper Assassin (Melanie Good) b

The Stripper Assassin (Melanie Good)

Played by Melanie Good  (b. 1969)

Appearance - A  very tall, stunning blonde in her early 20s. She initially appears in a tight, short skirted suit, then strips down to her underclothes.

Weapon - A revolver handgun

A vengeful drug lord aiming to take revenge on a private detective has hired a blonde female killer to do the job. Near the beginning of the film the blonde assassin enters his office posing as a stripper-gram girl, and dances as she disrobes for the bemused detective, who is quite understandably put off his guard. During her performance the murderess reaches for a revolver concealed behind her music machine; the detective has no chance to reach his own weapon as her gun blasts him several times.

Unfortunately that's the last we see of this character; it's very disappointing that the film doesn't choose to make any more use of this cold blooded beauty and show her getting the comeuppance she richly deserves.

Fate - Unknown

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