Black Dahlia Gang 1 Deadball
The St. Black Dahlia Baseball Team
are secondary antagonists in the 2011 horror comedy film "Deadball" (デッドボール). 

Jubei Yakyu, the protagonist, is pressured into joining the baseball team of the prison that he has been incarcerated in. The first opponents of he and his teammates are the all-female Black Dahlia team, who - to their surprise - begin skillfully murdering Jubei's partners left and right. The hero soon discovers that the main villainess and headmistress of his prison, Frau Ishihara, set up this game so that points are given not to how well they play the sport, but by how gruesomely the Black Dahlias are able to kill everyone on the opposing team.

Black Dahlia Gang 2 Deadball

GLOCKENHEIM makes his entrance...

Jubei manages to escape the game by faking his death, and corners Ishihara, who then - in a last ditch effort - summons "GLOCKENHEIM"; a cybernetic monstrosity which uses Jubei's younger brother, Musashi, as its power source. As GLOCKENHEIM has been programmed to eliminate all he sees, however, he destroys the Black Dahlia girls by dropping out of the sky and crushing some of them, clubbing one with his spiked weapon, having an organic part of his body devour one alive, and then finally killing the lead girl by launching a round of exploding baseballs at her with his Gatling-style weapon.

The former crimes of some of the individual Black Dahlia team members consist of:

  • Eliminating her entire school by poisoning lunches
  • Decaptitating children and starting a collection with their heads
  • Driving a stolen car into a village, setting it on fire and killing all within
  • Bombing a commuter train which resulted in 100 fatalities
  • Firing a home-made rocket into a tour boat and sinking it
Black Dahlia Gang 5 Deadball

The lead girl, "Poison" Ivy (right) and Blind (left)...

Black Dahlia Gang 9 Deadball

Killing all of their slaves in their introductory dance number...

Black Dahlia Gang 8 Deadball

Using a trick ball to murder the first batter...

Black Dahlia Gang 6 Deadball

...a giant mouse-trap to do in the rat-faced second batter...

Black Dahlia Gang 10 Deadball

Blind is not as successful in taking down Jubei, however...

Black Dahlia Gang 7 Deadball

...and a sneaky, deadly injection for batter #3.

Black Dahlia Gang 3 Deadball

Ivy steps up to the plate to destroy GLOCKENHEIM...

Black Dahlia Gang 4 Deadball

...and fails miserably.

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