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The Mother is a villainous character in the vore webcomic "The Sitter".

The mother and her husband, James, have concocted an evil scheme. They have taken a huge insurance policy out on their three children and plan to make sure that they disappear permanently so that they can collect the money. To do this, they hire a woman named Miss Nalia as a babysitter while the parents pretend to go out on a date. In reality, Nalia has a special ability, which allows her to devour people via her lower orifice.

Nalia first murders the son, Mark, and then moves on to the brunette daughter, Amber. When only the final daughter, Michelle, she runs away, only to bump into her smiling mother. Excited, the evil woman feigns that everything is just fine, and drags her terrified daughter over to Nalia, who then consumes her as well.

All looks good for the mother, until she notices that James is giving the fake babysitter an exceptionally large tip. It is then that she realizes that she was part of the deal as well. The mother begs for her husband to help her, but in the end, she suffers the same demise as her children.