Hellcats 1 Fandora.png

The Hellcats are secondary antagonists of the second episode of the 1985 science fiction OVA "Mujigen Hunter Fandora" (夢次元ハンター ファンドラ) titled "Deddlandar" (デッドランダー編).

The Hellcats are dimensional criminals who protagonist and bounty hunter, Fandora, has pursued for some time. Near the start of the episode, she locates a trio of them, but manages to apprehend just one following a quick scuffle. Shortly after, Fandora and her partner, Kue, discover that a small boy named Sotho has stowed away on their ship. He explains that he was trying to get back to his homeland, Deddlandar.

The two Hellcats who fled eventually ambush the heroes, and take Sotho hostage. The boy manages to break free, prompting one of them to throw a knife into his back as he flees. Immediately after, Kue guns down both Hellcats from his ship. Sotho survives the injury, and the plot advances from there.

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