The Girl 1

The evil and unnamed Girl

"The Girl" (as named in the credits) is the primary antagonist of the 2009 film "Neighbor". She was played by America Olivio.


Nothing known about her past she visits a small town. The Girl captures a familly, ties them up and tortures them after which she spends the night there. The next morning she dances and enters the bedroom to find the woman death. The Girl finishes the husband off by stabbing him in the chest with a tap, and collects the blood that drips from it in a wine glass. She later kills an elderly woman whose medication she tampers with. She also captures a high school student who she ties up in a bath and then attempts to electrocute her. After this fails she drowns her. The Girl moves on to stalking Don Carpenter, a stoner and member of a band who lives alone. The Girl easily captures him, and imprisons him in his recording studio basement.

The Girl tortures and mutilates Don slowly, and gives him drugs that cause to him experience strange dreams and hallucinations. Don's friends, band mates, and ex-girlfriend are also captured and tortured to death by The Girl. Eventually growing bored with Don, The Girl strangles him (inexplicably beginning to cry while doing so) as he weakly tries to do the same to her. Don's body and those of his friends are posed around the basement by The Girl, who then goes upstairs, where a party Don had been planning is in full swing. The Girl greets the guests, leaves the house, and dances down the street.


The girl is a violent sadist who enjoys  torturing people without any sign of empathy. While mutilating them she seems to consider it almost like playing with them as she curiously finds out how they will react to her torture. Despite unaffected by all the gore she inflicted she suffered a panick attack when she suffered a minor cut. 

Trivia Edit

  • America Olivo appeared as Camero in the 2009 action film, Bitch Slap.
  • America Olivio also portrayed villainess Rebecca Carson in the 2013 episode "The Big Snag" from the TV series Warehouse 13.

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