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The Driver is a V.I.L.E. Operative who appeared in The Need for Speed Caper in the 2019 Carmen Sandiego series.

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The Driver is an attractive woman of Dubai descent. She was at first seen wearing a green Dubai dress, then switched to Trey Sterling's driver suit during her attempted theft of the car.

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A V.I.L.E. operative and partner of The Mechanic, the Driver was one of the guests at Ibrahim Al Sabaq's conference for his prototype electric super car, the Al Sabaq 9000 in Dubai, and under cover of one of the guests, was getting intel out of Trey Sterling, who would be test driving the car. She would later tie up Trey and pose as him at the test track, attempting to steal the vehicle.

In other languages Edit

Language Name Meaning Voice Actor
Spanish Piloto Pilot Valca Ponzanelli
Turkish Driver - Dídem B. Atlihan
Japanese ドライバー


Driver 北原沙弥香

(Sayaka Kitahara)

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  • The voice actor for The Driver, Toks Olagundye, also voices Countess Cleo.
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