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The Diaper Mafia Temptresses are secondary antagonists in the 2000 horror comedy film "Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV". They make up the female half of the violent Diaper Mafia gang, which terrorizes a school for mentally disabled students.

Duel GynoEdit

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Duel Gyno (Purple Pam Shelby) is the most crazed of the four temptresses, and also has the biggest interaction with the heroes. She fences Toxie's sidekick, Lardass (who uses a baguette as a sword) and is personally killed by Toxie when he jams a Mexican flag through her nose and into her brain.

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Threatening one of the students...

Diaper Mafia 4 The Toxic Avenger 4

...and another, alongside DM leader, Tex Diaper.

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Dueling the sidekick...

Diaper Mafia 6 The Toxic Avenger 4

Toxie readies the flag...

Diaper Mafia 7 The Toxic Avenger 4

"Benoius Noseches!" he remarks.

Diaper Mafia 8 The Toxic Avenger 4

Onto the next hooligan...

Temptress 2Edit

The least violent offender, this Diaper Mafia Temptress (Nicole Howe) simply pulls one of the mentally disabled students aside and molests him. She takes herself out (and presumably, the third and fourth Temptresses) when she lights a cigarette afterwards in the then-gas filled room.

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Temptress 3Edit

Like the one directly above, this Temptress (Bella Compagna) assaults students sexually, mainly by pummeling them with her large breasts.

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Temptress 4Edit

The final Temptress (Marcia Lynn) brandishes her weapon around, but more importantly, sets up the bomb which the Mafia plans to blow up the school with.

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