Terri Monk 4

Brooke Langton as the villainous Terri

Terri (Brooke Langton) is the villainess from "Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist," the penultimate episode of Monk's fourth season (airdate March 10, 2006).

Terri is the assistant/henchwoman to dentist Dr. Bloom. While they operated on former cop turned robber Denny Jardeen, the patient revealed details of his latest robbery while under anesthesia. Instead of reporting him to police, Terri and Bloom decided to steal the loot--$13 million in bearer bonds--for themselves, believing that Jardeen wouldn't remember disclosing the location of the bonds.

However, to their surprise, Jardeen remembered everything, and knowing that Terri and Bloom took the bonds, he confronted them while they were working on Randy Disher. The confrontation turned violent and ended with Terri murdering Jardeen, doing so with the use of a huge tooth sculpture, which she pounded on his chest. After their encounter with Monk (who was helping Randy on the case), Bloom sent Terri to drug Monk, handing her a rag laced with chloroform. The femme fatale arrived at Monk's apartment feigning fear of Bloom before tricking Monk into allowing her to cover his nose with the rag, causing him to pass out just as he realized he was being drugged.

Monk was later brought to Bloom's office and placed on the dentist's chair, where he summarizes Terri and Bloom's role in the murder and robbery, while Terri smirks and denies the claim. She and Bloom torture Monk for information regarding a buyer they planned to sell the bonds to, but at that moment, Stottlemeyer arrived with Randy and Natalie, and arrested both of them.

Trivia Edit

  • Brooke Langton also played evil detective Ally Moore on The Closer.


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