Teri Lansing

Teri Lansing is a villainess from "El Coyote (2)", a Season 4 episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. She was portrayed by Valerie Wildman.


The premise of the two-part episode was Walker going undercover to bust a border smuggling/slave trade racket. Moving through the organization, Walker, w/the alias Gomez, winds up on the estate of Miss Lansing. Now, Miss Lansing uses her slaves in fights, often to the death, for the entertainment of her & her wealthy colleagues & friends. For perspective, she refers to them as her "little playthings". Teri has Gomez fight her #1 fighter, Apache, to break him in. After Gomez's win, she offers the #1 spot if he kills Apache. However, he declines, settling for #2.

Later, Teri finds out from Gomez's previous slave farm that he is undercover law enforcement. She proceeds to assemble all the men & line them up for his interrogation. Walker comes forward off-bat & placed her under arrest, prompting Teri to order her guards to kill him immediately. However, Apache & the other men fought back & disarmed against the guards. In a last-ditch effort, Miss Lansing offers $100,000 to the slave that kills Walker, but to no avail. Walker has Apache hold Teri captive while he called reinforcements. It is later revealed that she has been indicted for her crimes.


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