1 - Rocket Grunt FRLG

Team Rocket Grunt Artwork from Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green.

2 - Rocket Grunt HGSS

Team Rocket Grunt Artwork from Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Team Rocket Grunts are the low ranking members of the evil organization Team Rocket from the Pokemon franchise. Team Rocket is under the control of Giovanni. Unfortunately, female grunts didn't appear in the Pokemon games until Gen. II, so they don't make a big appearance in earlier Pokemon media. Despite their lack of appearance, they are still a very villainous group of girls.

Evil Schemes Edit

Team Rocket is a villainous team that has committed many dastardly and evil plans. They are most well known to use Pokemon as tool, instead of companions, often subjecting them to inhumane experiments. However, due to the, unfortunately limited number of appearances of female grunts, this section will only list the evil crimes committed when a female Rocket Grunt is present. These crimes include:

  • Steals rare Pokemon
  • Cutting off slowpoke tails for profit.
  • Used high-frequency sound machines to force Pokemon evolution.
  • Hi-jacked the Goldenrod radio tower to transmit pirated radiowaves.
  • Tries to capture Deoxys (according to the Manga).
  • Harass Kurt for his rare Pokeballs. 

After these events, Team Rocket, unfortunately, disbanded. In the manga, it is revealed they are still trying to revive their organization. At their last appearance, Giovanni appears to say he is reviving Team Rocket again. Here's hope for more female Rocket grunts to appear in future Pokemon games.

Appearance Edit

In Gen II, the ladies of Team Rocket wore an attire similar to Jessie from the anime, white miniskirts with a midriff and thigh-high boots, and had hair similar to Cassidy from the anime, long red pigtails. However, due to the lack of artwork for Gen II female grunts, what they're suppose to look like is up to speculation.

In Gen III and IV, the girls of Team Rocket wears a sexy, skin-tight, black, miniskirt with a black robbers hat, white/grey thigh-high boots, gloves, and belt. The skirt appears to be made out of either latex or rubber but it's unknown what the real material of their uniform is. They have a large red "R" emblem on their breasts. They usually have short hair but some variants of them have longer hair. In Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green, the official artwork features them with green hair, yet their in game hair is a bright red color. In Heart Gold/Soul Silver, their hair is pink in game and in official artwork.

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